Via delle Lellere

The discovery of an Eneolithic underground tomb (IV millennium BC) by the Archeological Group in 1988, whilst work was being carried out for the construction of a new road, must be considered truly exceptional.
It contained the remains of at least 8 individuals, the bones of one of whom were still joined together. The state of conservation of the bone remains has enabled a very exact dating, allowing the possibility of backdating by almost 2 centuries for burials of this type in our area.
There was also at least one other tomb, unfortunately lost due to negligence and lack of sensitivity in those directing the works.
In a small room, number 12 on the second floor of the Museum, it has been possible to reconstruct the tomb and exhibit some of the bone relics, including the aforesaid skeleton with bones joined.
The scarce store of materials, eight stone arrowheads, a smal necklace of shells, and a fragment of a vase, are exhibited in the small showcase beside the tomb

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Place:Second floor


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